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This may be a little late but I had to make it. This has been bugging me since it all started.

If you don’t know, Markiplier made a video with Cyndigo where Slenderman was rapping and at the end he mentioned “Pray you don’t drop the soap” when referring to having his victims in a cell like a prison.

Since then so many people have been crying and raging about this. Saying it was insensitive to have a rape joke, or that it was just a bad joke, and there’s been people who left the fandom because of this.

But a day or two before this he made a video with Wade on 7 Days to Die where at the end of that he does a shakespearian monologue all about he has failed and sucks and such and that he much blow himself the fuck up, then kills himself.

There were no cries of foul play, no one was pissed that he made a joke about suicide.

Also no one was crying over the real reference the joke was making which is prison rape. Hardly anyone cares about that, they were crying about rape that takes place outside of prison. Which is NOT what the joke was referring to.

Yes Rape is bad, but so is Suicide.

A joke is not just making light of something. It’s usually a hyperbole about real life. They point out things that are in the real world, and just because people laugh at it doesn’t mean it’s any less of an issue.

There was more to the suicide joke than the prison rape joke.

It was suicide

religious fanaticalism

and terrorism

all referenced in one joke

yet no one cared.

I liked the Blow myself the fuck up, I laughed my ass off.

I chuckled at the drop the soap joke too.

You know why? Because it was funny. And it didn’t mean he was literally going to rape Mark, it meant that since he’s stuck in a hell of a prison that horrible things will happen. It didn’t matter who he prayed to or what he prayed for because nothing was going to save him.

And then Wilferd Warfstache comes in and saves the day then does a little YA TA pose.

Can we please stop being so sensitive about what people say. No one likes rape… well no one who isn’t purely evil, and we all know Mark doesn’t support rape either. If you don’t like the joke then don’t laugh at it. Know that it’s just a joke that doesn’t represent what Mark feels about the subject.

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