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this actually makes sense. 

people go ‘why does God let bad things happen?’

its because while some poor bastards are being herded into a mass grave somewhere God is busy making sure Kathy in Dunghole, Wisconsin has exactly the right amount of milk for her recipe.

you gotta pick your battles

And she’s wrong too, it’s not exactly, it’s slightly less. Liquid along the edges of a glass is higher than the rest so she actually needed a bit more.

Fail at a Godly level

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look at this fucking cookie. look at it. i bought this fucking cookie at my school’s cafeteria. it is the size of my face. i bought it for 2 dollars. this cookie is supposed to inspire sharing among the students because its so fucking huge but clearly whoever thought of that little idea did not understand teenagers. this cookie is a challenge. nobody shares these cookies. they fucking eat the whole thing by themselves because its there. fucking gigantic cookies. fuck.



can u just

you know I’ve noticed something

everytime he does a video like this, he always ends with a stupid face or some kind of way to make it more funny

but god damn

that was beautiful 

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